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My tango quintet, Quinteto del Bailongo, performing Piazzolla at the Empire Theater in Stockton CA http://ping.fm/7CeaJ


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Excellent article on house concerts, still the most exciting trend in performing: http://ping.fm/6l1Kk

Long-distance harp lessons via Skype and the like

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Interesting article on conducting harp lessons over the internet.  Primarily for people who want to study with a particular non-local teacher, and people who generally have little access to harp teachers in their area:


Interview with Alice Giles, my harp mentor

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I love everything she says and does.  High priestess of the harp.

Review of The Bright Knowledge on www.acousticmusic.com

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House concerts

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House Concerts In Your Home

Flying with Aer Lingus & harp

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I flew SF-Dublin recently with my big harp.  Aer Lingus rocked.  Didn’t raise an eyebrow at the massive flight case and didn’t charge me either direction!  Not a penny!  Highly recommended.

Interview with Said and Dari of Worldstreams Radio

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Last night I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the radio show WorldStreams.  Said and Dari had wonderful, thoughtful questions and were gracious hosts.  We got to delve in deep for an hour.  You can hear it here:



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A quick post here for people who have been asking me what tuning I use.  On The Bright Knowledge it’s Young temperament A=440.  With Deepak I use equal temperament A=444.

Review of 19th Festival of Harps

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